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"Saving the world one bee at a time"

Package Bees 2016 Coming Soon.

Bee Removal:  Honey Hive Farms removes bees only in Arizona.  We do not kill bees, we are beekeepers not exterminators.  Our job would be to remove them and put them into a hive.

Beekeeping Classes:  Honey Hive Farms offers beekeeping classes in Arizona and Missouri.
Classes are on going in Arizona, in Missouri we offer them around April to June.

Package Bees: 2016 will be posted soon. Package bees are not from Arizona.  They are from Missouri or above the Africanized zones.

Missouri Nucs:  Missouri Nucs can be picked up at the farm when ready. We are not sure on delivery of nucs for 2016, working on it.

Arizona Nucs:  Honey Hive Farms offer Arizona nucs only in Arizona, we do not ship bees out of Arizona. (Once bees are in Arizona we do not take them out of Arizona, ship, or transport them anywhere)
Hives Ready To Go:  We will not be selling any hives ready to go this year so we can increase our packages and honey supply.

Missouri Bulk Honey:  We will only be offering bulk / wholesale honey at the Missouri location. (Please call before coming to pick up honey at our farm). 

Arizona Local Honey:  We will also operate in Arizona some of the year to produce local, raw honey on a smaller scale for local customers, stores and farmers markets.
(See under local honey)

Beekeeping Equipment:  Honey Hive Farms only sells beekeeping equipment online and no longer from our farm.

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your loyal support and friendship over the years. 

Thank you for your understanding.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at (602) 330-8468 or email is the best HoneyHiveFarms@gmail.com.


Tim & Connie Moore
Honey Hive Farms 

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